Many adults cannot recall the feeling of lying belly down on the earth, or harvesting plants as food. Many of us also feel disconnected from our basic right to experience joy in sexuality.

Earth energies, sacred sexuality and the living earth as Gaia are deeply connected, and Dancing With Gaia shows how they can be personally experienced.

At the meeting place of these ideas is a profound insight on how we can shift into Gaian consciousness. Filmmaker Jo Carson traveled throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and the US, filming the sacred sites of ancient earth-centered religions. She interviewed fifteen visionaries who explain how to release the constrictions that keep us from experiencing the earth as part of our own body, and give us tools to begin personally feeling the life of the planet.

We need new myths to live by, which include the experience of earth and our bodies as sacred. As Joan Marler says, "As long as we conceive of divinity as outside or above us, there is no way we can change our course." But by honoring our relations with each other, the earth and our own bodies, we can create a future of balance and beauty.

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