LeilaCastlePicLeila Castle has studied and taught Sacred Feminine traditions since 1967, when at 16 she became a professional belly dancer, a featured dancer of the legendary Bal Anat company with Jamila Salimpour. After living in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1975 she began traveling to sacred sites, going on to research the Glastonbury Zodiac in Somerset, England 1979-84. There she met and collaborated with pioneers of the British Earth Mysteries including Christopher Castle, with whom she co-directed Spotted Fawn Geomantic Arts in Pt. Reyes, California 1986-90, and John Steele, cofounder of The Dragon Project, with whom she studied and worked closely for many years.

In 1991 she made a pilgrimage to sacred feminine sites in Tibet with Tsultrim Allione. As editor and an author she published Earthwalking Sky Dancers - Women's Pilgrimages to Sacred Places, 1996. She is a contributing author to The World of Aromatherapy, 1996, (Rose & Earle), Goddess Traditions and Aromatherapy, and Teonanacatl - Sacred Mushrooms of Vision, 2004, edited by Ralph Metzner. She continues her love of perfumery creating natural botanical perfume for the last 20 years.


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