Cerridwen FallingstarCerridwen is a shamanic Witch and Priestess who has taught classes in magic, ritual and metaphysics for thirty years. Her lectures tie psychology, spirituality, history, contemporary issues and politics into an entertaining, enlightening and humorous experience.

Since childhood, Cerridwen has had the ability to time-travel, entering alternate realms and distant times at will through the use of shamanic trance (hypnosis). She has published a book called The Heart of the Fire, a historical novel about Witchcraft in sixteenth century Scotland, and two novels in her series called White as Bone Red as Blood. This novels are set in twelfth century Japan and detail the clash between the Heike and Genji clans which ushered in the Samurai period.

Cerridwen was married to Elie Demers for twenty-five years, until his death in 1996. They have a son who is now a father himself. She regards her experience of creating a sacred marriage and raising a conscious, healthy young man to be her greatest accomplishments, and while she has studied with spiritual teachers from a wide variety of traditions, including Native American, West African, Tantra, Reiki, Zen, Kundalini Yoga, Wiccan and New Age, she still regards her husband and her son as her greatest teachers.

Cerridwen is devoted to synthesizing the best of the old ways with the new, creating magic, ritual and relationships that work. She is a psychic and spiritual teacher who is adept at creating sacred space—within the stone circles and henges, and within the circle of each participant’s heart.

For years, Cerridwen offered classes, including a year long Apprenticeship program; however now she is focused more on writing. She continues to work as a professional psychic, offering readings and trance journeys (hypnotherapy in a shamanic context). For information on classes, rituals and private sessions or to set up workshops and lectures in your area, please contact her by email.


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